Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Chapter 11: The Zombi Court

The Zombie Court opens with introductions and acknowledgement of Lord Ambassador Cross. Just as the introductions conclude, Lady Rae and her entourage enter the hall. She apologizes to “Herman” for being late and they take seats near the back of the hall. Each Chevalier of the Court then gives a report.

Chevalier Marcal informs the assembly that the Restoration Council is on pace to finish the rebuilding of the Treme district by the end of the year, and has determined that Mid_City will be the next sector to be restored. This brings complaints from various factions.

Lady Rae stands up and asserts that Maringy should be scheduled for restoration next. The Queen’s Circle defended NOLA before Samedi arrived, but set aside their needs and abided by the Court’s decisions to restore Algiers, the French Quarter, and Treme in that order. However, the Circle will not abide by the Court’s decision to attempt to restore the mostly flooded Mid-City before Maringy, which is mostly dry land. The only thing in Mid-City of value is the New Orleans Historical Society, which has already consumed enough of the city’s resources keeping the one building from being flooded.

Chancellor Vex, representing the Circle of Magi, agrees with Lady Rae that the flooded Mid-City is a poor choice, but reminds Lady Rae that the restoration of Treme was pushed forward because of the Voodoo Queen’s burial tomb in the district. The Queen’s Circle has gotten something out of the deal. Meanwhile, Bywater has been left relatively defenseless against raiding tribals from the east because of all of security’s focus on the center of the city. Bywater should be restored next, along with a contingent of security to help residents defend it.

Chairman Horton of the Historical Society defends rebuilding Mid-City next. He argues that restoring the region would open the old highways into the city, allowing for increased trade with other communities growing in the area.

After hearing the arguments, Baron Samedi addresses Ambassador Cross for his opinion.

“I am told by the esteemed Captain Harris of Pineville that you are a young man of exceptional wisdom and fair play. As an outsider with no personal ties to anyone in the assembly, perhaps you can share with us your insight. Which area do you believe most deserving of our restoration efforts.”

Being put on the spot, Cross considers the arguments and as Vex if he would be willing to delay reconstruction if more security forces were made available to Bywater. When Vex says that might be acceptable, he asked Lady Rae if the Queen’s Circle might be able to secure volunteers to help protect Bywater while Maringy was restored. Lady Rae says she and the Circle would be more than happy to recruit additional security from her followers to help Bywater, assuming “Herman” would do his part.

Samedi agrees then that, if the Queen’s Circle can provide adequate security support for Bywater, then the city will move to Maringy for the next part of the restoration.

The rest of the Chevaliers conduct their business, and when Court is done Samedi asks to have a private meeting with the Pineville delegates. Behind closed doors, Samedi spells out his position in no uncertain terms.

“Now let’s be clear. We all know Pineville is an ant hole of a community that needs NOLA more than NOLA needs Pineville. I only made a fuss over you in the assembly because none of these people been out of the city at all and it suits my purposes if they think you are more important than you actually are. I know Pineville is scared shitless on the RNT. I know you already had a close call with the RNT and it is only a matter of time before they send a bigger force to attack.
That said, I am inclined to provide you with an opportunity to prove me wrong. As you heard from my Chevaliers, we are up to our asses in our own problems. We’re low on resources, high on demands, and spread too thin. So this is what I propose. You all are going to make yourselves available to me Chevaliers and help them with their problems. You prove useful, we may be able to free up resources to actually give Pineville the protection it wants. But understand that my first loyalty is to Nola, and I will make sure her needs are settled before I worry about a whiny neighbor.

So the team went to each of the Chevalier’s and got their “quests.”

Chevalier Bataille is concerned about raiders and gang violence in the Central Business District that has been spilling into the settled areas of New Orleans. He doesn’t have the force to clear out all the gangs, and even when they do manage to get rid of one gang another one pops up. He suggests a neutral third party might be able to recruit the assistance of Leonitis and the Pride in Prideland. If Leonitis aligned with NOLA, it would provide a huge fighting force that could police the CBD and free up his men to take care of other problems.

There is also the matter of the tribal raiders to the east that has been troubling Bywater. Most of the fighting has been coming from two tribes, Fort Pike and Rivershark Village. Supporting one or the other, or figuring out how to end their fighting, could bring peace to the east.
Chevalier Goldtouch, meanwhile, is concerned with rumors of counterfeiters. He is concerned that this can undermind the fragile economy, but it is difficult for him to track down the culprits. Outsiders, however, may have better luck.

Chevalier du Os asks the players to locate needed electrical supplies to help restore the grid. The old electrical plant is in the CBD, and there may be a warehouse with inventory still salvageable.

Chevalier Cross is working on an edible anti flea repellant for humans to combat the plague. There have been a couple of isolated cases in the city, and he is worried that the lack of sanitation in the city can cause a full scale plague if they can’t get it under control. He’s been cultivating a specific type of brewer’s yeast from currant grapes that seems to work, but he needs a larger supply of the plant to mass produce the repellent. The only place he knows that has it is the Hopewell Plantation. He can’t send a formal city representative to Hopewell because they are a slaver settlement. But a neutral third party might be able to negotiate something for him.



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