Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Chapter Nine: Beware of Pilgrims and Flamingos

Upon Cross’s promotion to “Lord Ambassador” of Pineville, the players began the long trek to New Orleans. Do to careful route planning (and lucky rolls on the random encounter chart) they managed to reach a small town populated by members of the Followers of Armageddon. The townfolk were friendly enough and the players were able to engage in some trade and find rooms for the evening without blowing anything up or shooting at anyone. The only oddity was that several members of the group kept encouraging the players to make a pilgrimage to the Great Temple in order to “bask in the glow” of God’s glory. The players eventually realized that the Followers were talking about the old River Bend Nuclear plant nearby.

They deciding basking in irradiated glow was not a good plan and left the town in the morning.
However, their path took them passed the old power plant. As they approached, they noticed someone on the top floor of a building near the defunct reactor signally them. Looking through their binoculars, they saw the person holding up a sign asking to be rescued.

Unsure what to do, Milton starting surfing channels on his radio to see if he could pick up a frequency. The captive was able to then communicate with them, keeping it short to avoid anyone eavesdropping on the conversation. His name was Fox, and he was an engineer originally hired by the Followers to help rebuild the power plant. Unfortunately, Fox discovered that their plan was not to rebuild the plant, but get it operational enough to force a complete meltdown of the reactor. Apparently the Followers felt this was needed to “cleanse” the region of the Devil’s influence (nearby New Orleans!)

The players then hatched a plan. Milton would distract the Followers inside the reactor by pretending to make a pilgrimage, while the others distracted the guards outside long enough to give their zombie friends time to scale the building and help Fox escape. At which point, the game became part slapstick comedy/part Mission Impossible. Fox was able to repel down the wall and managed to sneak into the garage where the Followers were “protecting” his Winnebago while he was…um…under their protection. Not having a lot of time to play with locks, he floored it and rammed the Winnegbago through the garage door and the caravan of mayhem raced down the highway away from the reactor.

After traveling most of the day, the party set up camp for the evening and spent some time getting to know their newest traveling companion. With no contacts in the area and nowhere else to go, Fox agreed to join the players on their journey to New Orleans.

During the night, Milton thought it would be a good idea to train his baby mutant alligators how to hunt for themselves. A nearby flock of flamingos seemed like a good idea at the time. So as Milton approached the flamingos in an effort to show the babies how it is done. Alas, these flamingos, like most things in the swamp, were mutated and rather aggressive and the whole flock ended up attacking Milton. This led to the rest of the party having to come to the hunter’s rescue before he was eaten alive by a flock of flamingos.

Yeah, death by flamingos. Don’t read about that every day.



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