Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Chapter Six: Don't Taunt the Mutants

Upon returning to their base, Sam informs the party that he and the rest of the zombies will need a couple of months to retrofit the bus with the tread. In the meantime, they decide to go complete the task Captain Harris gave them about finding some school supplies for the settlement. After the excitement of their previous adventure, they felt they could use the break and decided to do something simple.


But first, Milton leaves instructions for the ladies to remember to turn his alligator eggs every few hours and make sure they stay warm. Though confused by the fact that they are being asked to play nursemaids to three eggs the size of a small cat, they agree.

The players easily navigate the ruins and come across an old high school. The decide to go in through a side entrance instead of trying the front door, as they aren’t sure if there is anything living inside or not.

Yes, you read that correctly. They actually were thinking about their safety! I know. Shocking.

They enter through the cafeteria door and begin to scavenge around. It looks as if the school served as a shelter right after the war due to the number of rotted out sleeping bags and skeletons they find. Otherwise they find nothing of use. They do hear some strange skittering noise coming from behind the cafeteria counters. Ryan and Milton sneak over, weapons drawn. to see what is there. They are confronted by a giant cockroach (like, small dog size). The thing hisses and attacks. Of course, nobody noticed the cockroachs skittering across the ceiling. So as Ryan shoots the one on the floor, a second one drops from the ceiling and just misses him and instead lands on the counter. The third lands right on Milton’s back.


But they are only oversize roaches, after all. The party handles them fairly quickly and they continue on.

As they head down the hallway toward the library, they hear a voice coming down one of the halls saying “Heeelllloooo? Anyone there? Heeeeeellllloooo?”

Fallout gamers, stop snickering. I know you all know what these are.

But the players didn’t realize that just because someone says “Hello” does not mean they are friendly and they shout down the hall that they want to talk.

They are greeted by a grenade thrown down the hall at them.

So a Super Mutant wielding three steel pipes duct-taped together comes charging down the hallway after them. Milton gets clocked by the pipes and sent careening backwards. After a harried combat in closed quarters, they finally manage to kill the thing. They go down the hall and see the mutant’s room full of half chewed body parts and realize there may be more of these things in the school. So they are going to be careful.

Yes. Careful.

As they continue exploring the school, they hear the tell-tale “Heeeelllloo? Anyone there?” echoing down a different hall. This time, they take defensive positions in the main hall, using doors and trash cans for cover, before calling out to the creature. Unfortunately for them, they hadn’t really paid attention to the layout of the school and didn’t realize until too late that a second mutant was coming up behind them.

But before the second mutant came out of hiding to attack, the first came around the corner firing a heavy machine gun. Now as d20 Modern players know, these weapons are full auto only, and have a damage area of ten feet. The players have initiate for the most part and manage to do a lot of damage to it with their weapons before it has a chance to fire. Alas, on Tristan’s turn, instead of firing her attempted to use a spell to go invisible so the creature wouldn’t see him (in his defense, he didn’t know the weapon was an area of effect and he wanted to hide to make it easier to heal people if they became injured).

Ryan and Tristan fail the Reflex save and eat all the weapon damage (which, for the first time, was not cursed with a case of the ones) and DIE outright. Cross and Milton made their saving throws and managed to avoid the damage.

Cross and Milton manage to finish off the first mutant before it can fire again, but the second one has come around the corner with a large pipe club ready to send Milton into next Thursday. Cross successfully uses a Confusion spell on it to turn it into a babbling idiot (OK, it was already sort of a babbling idiot, but it was now a babbling idiot that was not swinging a pipe club). This gave them the upper hand to finish the monster off with a Called Shot to the head.

With half the party dead, Cross and Milton decide they have an obligation to at least find the supplies so that their deaths weren’t in vain. As they continue exploring, they discover two people in a cage in one of the rooms the mutants were using (Ryan and Tristan’s new characters!).

After Milton has something of a nervous breakdown over whether or not to let them out of the cages (He’d lost almost all of his friends in a rather short period of time), they decide to let the two out of their cage and invite them to join them. They then locate the library, which is surprisingly in good shape (let’s be honest. NOBODY loots a library during a crisis. They all looted the electronics stores). With the exception of books on bottom shelves that suffered water damage from flooding, they find plenty of books to bring back to the settlement.



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