Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Chapter Ten: Welcome to NOLA!

This session actually required the players to keep their weapons holstered for most of the evening, relying on their social skills (or lack thereof) to get though the session. Heavy RP session with the PCs trying to gather information and develop a game plan for dealing with the Zombi Court.

After surviving the escape from the River Bend nuclear plant and a flock of mutant flamingos, our heroes continued their journey to New Orleans. Fortunately, the only significant threat they encountered before reaching the city was a roaming band of raiders that attacked their caravan during the night.

Upon reaching the city border, the party realized that the bridge into the city was destroyed and they had no means of crossing the Lake Pontchartrain. They then noticed a large barge on the lake and signaled to it. The bargemaster informed them that he could get them and their vehicles across for a fee. After some negotiations, the party traded a couple of extra weapons they had for transport and they made their way across the lake, through the flooded sections of the city, and arrived in at the dock at Algiers..

Upon arrival, they had to pay for parking ($20 a day, payable in New Orleans paper currency). They found a moneychanger that allowed them to trade some excess gear for money so that they could pay their parking fees. Remembering their contact who told them to look him up at the Rising Sun Caravan company if they were ever in NOLA, they made their way to the Rising Sun to get rooms.

Finding their contact, they settled in, cleaned up, and then got a briefing regarding the political structure of the city. They got summary explanations of the Zombi Court and The Queen’s Circle, and the animosity between the two groups. The contact said he would make the needed arrangements to get the party an audience with Baron Samedi, but in the meantime they should get themselves acquainted with the lay of the land.

The next day, the players explored much of the Algiers district and French Quarter, gathering information about various situations in the city and getting a feel for how citizens viewed things. Later that day, their contact notified them that he had made the arrangements for them to be presented to the Zombi Court the following evening and that they should make sure they are ready.

They got themselves dressed in their best clothes and went to the Old Courthouse that evening. Apparently the Court is also a weird High Society event, with citizens dressing up for the occasion like people would dress up to go to the opera. The PCs mingled a little with some of the locals to try and get an idea of who was who. Finally, everyone was summoned to the main courtroom and told to find their seats so that the Court could commence.



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