Chevalier de Bataille

Member of the Zombi Court


Bataille is responsible for security matters in New Orleans and is sometimes called “Mr. Reaper” in whispered voices. The name is not entirely deserving, as he has only ever cut down two criminals in the street. The first when the Baron first took control of the city, and the man had made a direct attempt on the Baron’s life in front of a crowd. The second was a few months later, when a strung out thug tried to rob a vendor at knifepoint as Bataille entered the shop. He actually prefers to settle matters without bloodshed, and has even been know to let petty criminals go free if he felt the proper fear of God had been instilled in them. But the speed and efficiency of his sword work on those two occasions left a lasting impression on the city.

Bataille, unlike the rest of the Court, is a devout Catholic who sees his condition as some sort of punishment for sins he does not discuss. He pays his penance by bringing safety and order to New Orleans. Of the Chevaliers, he is the one most likely to go against Samedi’s orders if they conflict with his Catholic faith.

Chevalier de Bataille

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