Father Thomas

Shotgun-toting Holy Man


Thomas Van Horn’s grandfather had moved his family to the Sons of the Constitution compound only a few months before Doomsday. Having decided that his country had turned against him, he joined the Sons of the Constitution to train for the day when “the tree of liberty would be refreshed with the blood of tyrants.” Thomas was born in the decades that followed, raised to believe that the government had conspired to cause Doomsday as a means of destroying the American way of life.

One day while hunting with his father for food, a group of cannibal raiders ambushed and captured them. Thomas was forced to watch in horror as his father was boiled alive and then eaten. The same fate would have befallen him were it not for a fellow captive, a young black woman named Katherine who had managed to unlock her chains and helped him escape. The pair returned to the compound to inform the Sons of the cannibals. Thomas’ uncle shot Katherine on sight, telling the boy it would have been better to die with his pa than let a black girl save him.

Thomas fled the compound, surviving in the bayous by eating snakes and squirrels. He traveled south and made his way into New Orleans. He was shot by a stray bullet during gang related violence, and stumbled into an abandoned church. He lost consciousness from blood loss and should have died. But as Van Horn tells the story to his parishioners, just as he felt the last of his life slipping away, he heard a voice yelling at him that “I didn’t save you or you to up and die on me.” It was Katherine’s voice, speaking to him from beyond. When he regained consciousness, he realized the name of the Cathedral he had stumbled upon was St. Katherine’s. Seeing it as a sign from God, he took upon himself the task of tending to the small Christian population in the ruins looking for something to believe in.

Now in his thirties, Thomas does more than tend to the souls of his flock. He protects them from the wolves rather directly. He can often be found walking the streets late at night, with his sawed-off shotgun in one hand and a rosary in the other. His occasional bouts of vigilantism have not gone unnoticed, but so far Chevalier de Bataille has seen fit to leave the holy man to his business.

Father Thomas

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