Lady Rae

High Priestess of the Queen's Circle


The ranking Mambo Asogwe (High priestess) in New Orleans, Lady Rae’s family miraculously escaped the chaos in Haiti during the Endless Night and made their way to New Orleans with nothing but a compass and her mother’s visions to guide them. Her grandmother had been a powerful mambo as well, particularly attuned to the Loa Papa Legba, is alleged to have personally guided the family to New Orleans. At the time, what remained of New Orleans was being torn apart by Tribal raiders, slavers, and corrupt Bokors who used their magic to enslave other survivors to do their bidding.

The Bokors did not take kindly to a Haitian mambo arriving on the scene to challenge their authority, and quickly made a point to murder the family. According to the legends, just before the Bokors were able to kill Rae’s mother and grandmother, the spirit of the Voodoo Queen herself, Marie Laveau, appeared and possessed Rae’s grandmother’s body. Using her grandmother as a vessel to focus her own power, Laveau turned all of the offending bokors into snakes and then hacked them to pieces with a hatchet.

The possession had proven too much for Rae’s grandmother, who dropped dead as soon as Laveau vacated her body. Rae’s mother was named Mambo Asogwe by the voodoo community after word spread of the miracle. When she passed on five years ago, Lady Rae was named to the position.

Rae is now in her thirties and has a full figure and round, soft facial features. She tends to her appearance purposefully, never going out without make-up and her full regalia. She has a big heart and pays particular attention to the city’s children, making sure they are cared for.

As the leader of the Queen’s Circle, Rae holds almost as much sway as Samedi. The common saying in New Orleans is “Samedi tends the city’s heart, but Lady Rae tends its soul.” She is the biggest threat to Samedi’s authority in the city, but for now there is little he can do about her. In truth, the two are caught in a bit of a stalemate. Both recognize the importance of the other to the protection of the city, and neither would do anything to put the city as a whole at risk. So for now, Lady Rae tolerates the “Heathen Fraud” and Samedi tolerates the “Haitian Bitch” in order to keep the peace.

Lady Rae

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