Trevor Horton

The Memory of New Orleans


The old man referred to as “Nola’s Memory” is one of the few non-zombie individuals in New Orleans who was alive when the bombs dropped. Horton’s father had been a history professor at the University of New Orleans, but Horton had never paid much attention to his education and dropped out of high school against his parents’ wishes to pursue a career in music. Horton had been in Texas when Doomsday arrived. By the time he managed to fight his way home, his parents were already dead because of looters.

As he watched the world burn around him, he took up his father’s quest to preserve what knowledge could be saved. A charred book. A scratched album. A torn photo. Horton salvaged what scraps from the past that he could for the day someone would care to learn from it.

That day came when Samedi arrived in New Orleans. Samedi had seemed surprised to find a man like Horton still alive, and offered him whatever resources he needed to help rebuild New Orleans to its former glory. As the Chairman of the New Orleans Historical Society, Horton now has a budget and staff to finally get to the serious work of salvaging history for future generations.

Trevor Horton

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