A Post-Apocalyptic Timeline

Post-Apocalyptic Blues shares a timeline with Karmic Places: Revelation. The exact date of Doomsday is not assigned. In Game terms, most survivors measure the years using Doomsday (DD) as the starting point of Year 1.

Pre-War Preparations

Citizen Militias
Citizen militias have existed in the United States for generations, but their growth took on newfound significance at the beginning of the 21st century. Many of these groups became convinced that their government was conspiring against them. Some of these groups were religious extremists who thought the world was entering the End Times prophesied in the Bible. Others were formed in response to xenophobic concerns regarding a “foreign invasion” from Mexico. And some were simply independent-minding individuals who felt it prudent to plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

The majority of these militia movements settled in the Midwest, but many also formed in the South. In the days before the war, there were approximately a dozen of these groups of various sizes in the Louisiana area. Besides building huge weapon arsenals, these groups also trained extensively in survival skills. They stored supplies and equipment for medical treatment and purifying water. They made use of short wave radios to communicate. When the end came, they were some of only people fully prepared to survive in a post-apocalyptic environment.

Project UPP
Work begins on the Project U.P.P bunkers.

DD 1
Doomsday: There had been no significant talk of war in the media in the days leading up to Doomsday, but the government knew better. Foreign relations had reached a fever pitch, and several rogue nations has come very close to developing nuclear weapons. It may perhaps never be known who pushed the first button. But it didn’t matter. Once the first nation launched its weapons, others followed suit. Some attacked in retaliation. Others under the misguided notion their actions would be hidden. City after city was destroyed.

Such a devastating assault on the planet caused the planet itself to respond in kind. Earthquakes, forest fires, flooding, and other natural disasters exasperated the situation. By the end of the first day, 70% of the Earth’s population was dead.

According to legend, a bomb was seen in the sky careening towards New Orleans late just before dusk. Voodoo practitioners, who had spent the day praying at the tomb of the Voodoo Queen for protection, reported that the tomb radiated with a bright white light and a ghostly hand emerged from the top of the tomb, waving a hand dismissively. It is said the bomb then miraculously redirected, eventually falling into the Gulf of Mexico. This tale is accepted as fact by the residents of New Orleans.

Hell Week: As the realization of what had happened set in, the worst of humanity emerged. Gang warfare escalated, unopposed by any police. Rioting broke out almost everywhere. In some areas, the military turned its weapons on its own citizens to enforce orders. In others, the military defied orders and sought to help their local communities as much as possible by opening up armories as shelters. By the end of Hell Week, only 20% of the Earth’s original population was still alive.

Oddly, the violence was minimal in New Orleans. While there was plenty of looting as residents attempted to horde supplies, actual violent confrontations were avoided. A strange numbness had swept over the city, a combination of relief in regards to the near miss of the bomb and melancholy over the reality of what had transpired.

The Endless Night Starts: By the end of the first week, Nuclear Winter had set in. Temperatures around the world dropped ten to thirty degrees as the radioactive ash blotted out the sun. In northern climates, this led to widespread starvation as crops withered and died and game animals migrated south in search of food.

The Gulf States didn’t suffer as badly, though the drop in temperatures still causes widespread crop failures. The greater issue was radioactive runoff polluting the Mississippi River and its tributaries. Those creatures that were not killed outright by radiation poisoning suffered terrifying mutations. Many became monstrous, feral things that hunted humans. The situation worsened when some well-meaning but misguided individuals liberated the animals at the New Orleans Zoo, releasing them into the environment (a situation repeated across the country).

By the end of the Endless Night, less than 10% of the planet’s original population is still alive.

In Pineville, Captain Stephen Anders was able to eventually put down the internal power struggles in the U.P.P. compound to stabilize the shelter. The compound became a semi-closed facility, with only military members leaving the compound in search of supplies or survivors in the immediate area.

In the first few years, the area militias also banded together for support and safety. Initially, the compounds also welcomed survivors that they came upon while hunting of scavenging. But as space became cramped and supplies dwindled, militias returned to focusing on their own.

Meanwhile, in New Orleans, groups of corrupt Bokors attempted to take control of the city and began to systematically murder those that opposed them. The calm that had kept the city relatively safe in the first couple of years was broken as factions began to emerge on one side or the other.

DD 5
Bands of cannibal raiders reach Louisiana. In the years following Doomsday, many people resorted to cannibalism as food supplies swindled. Having moved into the area to escape the freezing temperatures of the north and the arid wastelands of the west, these cannibalistic bands see the settlements of Louisiana as fertile feeding grounds. Particularly vicious are the Cannibal Corpses, cannibals who had been so severely irradiated when the bombs dropped that they now appear to be zombies. Several of the small militia settlements are completely decimated by these raiders.

DD 6
Republic of New Texas begins systematic raiding of Louisiana settlements for slave labor.

DD 8
In response to the threats from raiders and slavers, the remaining militias in the area sign the Louisiana Pact, pledging to defend and support each other against outside influences.
During a particularly horrific firefight in Baton Rogue involving residents and the RNT, someone deliberately sets fire to several strategic locations. The resulting fires engulf most of the city, killing almost everyone. Survivors flee the area and the remains of Baton Rogue are abandoned.

DD 9
Bridgette Veilleux, grandmother of Lady Rae, brings her surviving relatives to New Orleans and almost immediately begins to wage a battle against the Bokors.

DD 10
According to legend, Veilleux defeats the Bokors after being possessed by the spirit of the Voodoo Queen. The accepted date of this incident is June 16th, the anniversary of Marie Laveau’s death. But there is no actual historical record to confirm the date.

DD 11
Year of False Hope: A decade after Doomsday, the sun returned. The euphoria among the survivors is pronounced. Slavers temporarily retreat back to RNT in order to assist with new reconstruction efforts. Even the cannibal raiders momentarily scale back their assaults, equally stunned by the turn of events. For the first time, the survivors begin to see a glimmer of hope restored.

Admiral Carter leads his family and close associates to the site of what would become the Hopewell Plantation. He recruits tiny family settlements in the area to help restore the plantation and begin the process of restoring farming.

DD 12
The Tribulation: The jubilation is short-lived. The radioactive ash that had encompassed the Earth had destroyed much of the ozone layer. With the return of the Sun, temperatures around the world climb to on average ten to twenty degrees higher than they had been before the war. As the global ice caps begin to melt at a record pace, coastal flooding begins to occur. By DD 15, the RNT and raiders have again started to attack settlements.

DD 13
Lady Rae, is born in New Orleans.

DD 20
The Battle of Algiers: Having realized that the Naval Support Activity Complex was mostly intact, the RNT launches a full assault on New Orleans to annex the region into the Republic and claim the base. The fighting destroys huge sections of the city and weakens the already strained levies protecting the city from the rising waters of the Mississippi. In an act of desperation, the residents of Algiers rig the bridge connecting their district to the main city with explosives found in the Naval complex and blow the bridge as RNT soldiers stormed across it. Despite their advance equipment and training, the explosion deals the RNT a huge blow and they eventually retreat from the city.

DD 24
The Louisiana Pact is severed after it is discovered that the Sons of the Constitution have been plotting with the RNT to help run the slave trade.

DD 30
Massive flooding begins to consume New Orleans as the levies systematically fail. Residents attempt to build makeshift levees to redirect water into other regions.

DD 32
Father Thomas arrives in New Orleans and reestablishes the Cathedral of St. Katherine.

Despite efforts from the locals, about a third of New Orleans is underwater by ten feet or more.

DD 34
The River Bend Disaster: A Pineville scouting party notices smoke coming from the inactive River Bend Nuclear Reactor. According to the survivors, it appeared someone had either attempted to reactivate the site and failed or deliberately rigged the site to trigger a meltdown. The engineer on the team, Brian Nero, sacrificed himself to shut down the reactor before a full meltdown could occur. The partial meltdown did cause massive radioactive contamination to the immediate area, but Nero’s efforts effectively ensured the reactor could not be made active again. Had the situation not been contained, the entire reactor might have exploded and destroyed and irradiated most of the bayou beyond repair.

DD 35
The Followers of Armageddon build a shrine at the site of the River Bend Disaster.

DD 36
A hurricane hits the city, destroying what few levees were left. Residents race against time to redirect the water, but are only partially successful. In a matter of months, half the city is underwater by ten feet or more.

DD 38
Lady Rae is named leader of The Queen’s Circle

DD 42
Baron Samedi and his tribe arrive in New Orleans. Despite his horrific appearance, he convinces the locals that he and his companions have the expertise to save the city, which at the time was two-thirds consumed by water. After several months of intense work, the residents begin to see preliminary results from his plans and vote to elect him Governor of New Orleans.

DD 43
The Zombi Court is formally established in the Old Courthouse on Morgan Street in the Algiers section of the city.

DD 50
Present day.

A Post-Apocalyptic Timeline

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