Followers of Armageddon

One of the original members of the now defunct Louisiana Pact. A radical Christian sect that believed Doomsday signaled the coming judgment; the Followers operate three large compounds in the state. The Followers began preparing for Judgment Day twenty years early at the behest of their prophet, known only as St. John the Seer. The followers believed they would be imbued with special powers during the End Days in order to help them fight with the Lord against the Anti-Christ. Followers believe mutations are blessings from God meant to equip them for the final battle. They have attempted to play mediator between the Liberty Militia and the Sons of the Constitution, but to no avail.

The Followers main compound is just north of the ruins of Baton Rogue. They have a second compound just east of what was Shrevesport. The most recent compound was established only four years ago, near the River Bend nuclear facility. The plant suffered a partial meltdown in the days following the attack, and the area is steeped in radiation. Followers routinely make pilgrimages to River Bend to deliberately irradiate themselves, under the notion that the worthy will receive mutations and the weak will be granted release from their duty (death).

The current leader of the Followers is Reverend Louis Dutane, son of one of St. John’s “apostles.” Dutane, like all members of the Followers, is often charitable to those in need and willing to provide shelter to those who seek the protection of the compound. Though they themselves do not own slaves, they do not condemn the practice as they believe is God’s Will if certain groups are slaves. They follow “Biblical” teachings, informing slaveholders of how they should properly care for their slaves and not abuse them.

Originally considered a eccentric but otherwise harmless sect, sources working for the Eye of Samedi have uncovered clues indicating the massive fires that destroyed Baton Rogue in the decade that followed Doomsday may have been the work of the Followers. Partially destroyed correspondences indicated that the Followers believed agents of Satan were at work in Baton Rogue and that the demons needed to be cleansed. The clues point at the Followers, but don’t provide enough evidence to prove anything. For now, the Zombi Court merely keeps a close eye on them. Particularly when agents are found in the city.

Followers of Armageddon

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