House of the Rising Sun Caravan Guild

Before the war, this quaint little bed and breakfast on Pelican Street was popular with visitors who wanted to experience New Orleans like the locals did. After Baron Samedi gained control of the city, it became the first of several political skirmishes between the Zombi Court and the Queen’s Circle.

Long-time resident Louis Dubois had already staked a claim to the relatively intact building with plans of refurbishing it as a bed and breakfast for caravan merchants. Dubois himself was a retired caravan master, and hoped having a comfortable place to rest would entire more caravans to come to New Orleans for trade. Because of its distant location from the main Algiers settlement at the Naval Support, residents didn’t object to the claim and left him and his sons to the task of clearing away the dilapidated buildings nearby for his restoration project.

After Samedi decided to make the Old Courthouse the official capital of New Orleans, the location suddenly became a hot property. Dubois had already cleared most of the block and begun restoring the business, but that didn’t stop others from trying to stake new claims to what would be a piece of prime real estate. In order to resolve the dispute, the Zombi Court issued its first executive order and said that all construction and restoration projects would require formal charters through the Engineering Commission. Theoretically, this order was suppose to ensure that construction was done efficiently and did not squander valuable resources. In practice, it gave the Zombi Court the chance to reward those that helped them gain control.

A charter to the location was awarded to Harper Jackson, who had been a strong supporter of Samedi. But Dubois’ wife Evangeline was close friends with Lady Rae, and the priestess publicly denounced both Samedi and Jackson for the obvious favoritism. Hours later, Jackson was bedridden with a mysterious illness. Everyone assumed this was a curse leveled by the priestess as a display of her power. After several days of political posturing, the charter was given to Dubois and Jackson miraculously recovered from his illness.

The establishment now serves as a meeting location for caravan merchants who come into New Orleans to trade.

House of the Rising Sun Caravan Guild

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