Republic of New Texas

In Texas, several of the large military installations had been strategically targeted by the bombs on Doomsday. But the Joint Base in San Antonio, strangely, managed to avoid a direct hit. The area was also home to one of the few fully functional U.P.P. projects. In the aftermath of Doomsday, insurgencies broke out among the military stationed at the camp, as half wanted to use the bunker to save civilians while the other half intended to follow orders and protect the bunker for its intended occupants. The insurgents were quickly put down and the bunker was one of the few inhabited by its intended targets.

When the ash settled, the bunker inhabitants realized that they were effectively surrounded by countless now abandoned and dormant oil wells and refineries. Seizing the opportunity, the bunker quickly took to claiming these installments for themselves. Of course, such a massive undertaking would require exceptional manpower to achieve. The military command began seeking out other survivors. First, they contacted supportive military outposts and recruited them into their ranks. Second, they brought area settlements under their protection in order to have people to work the fields. By DC 5, the expanding influence of the San Antonio bunker led to the leadership declaring the region The Republic of New Texas (RNT).

But working the wells and refineries without the normal infrastructure was deadly. Lack of clean water, highly irradiated environments, raiders, and increasingly hostile wildlife made the work a deathtrap. Not wanting to risk a revolt among the new citizenry of the Republic, the leadership decided to “forcibly recruit” workers for the installments.

By DD 6, RNT forces were regularly raiding Louisiana settlements in search of slave labor. These raids particularly took their toll on the settlements of Baton Rogue and New Orleans, where many survivors had migrated to by that time.

RNT agents are still active in the Louisiana area, seeking opportunities to excert control in various settlements. RNT slavers also routinely raid remote tribal settlements for well workers.

Republic of New Texas

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