Sons of the Constitution

Founded as a citizen militia active before the war with several shelters in the Louisiana area, the Sons take a “strict Constitutionalist” approach to restoring America. They are one of the original members of the now defunct Louisiana Pact. Their official policy is that the Founding Fathers were divinely inspired, and the only laws that should be restored are those specifically spelled out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. While not an overly radical idea on the surface, the belief also assumes that anything the Founding Fathers themselves endorsed or supported was equally.

For example, in recent years, they have taken to using slave labor to expand their bases, under the premise that the Founding Fathers owned slaves so there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the practice. The fact that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery is a mute point. Anything after the tenth amendment is not considered part of the original Divine Inspiration of the Constitution, and therefore is not part of it.

There are five compounds in the state. Each has its own council. The Sons also elect a Governor to oversee anything that affects the entire order. The current Governor is Vance Clark. Only adult males who are the head of a household (married) are entitled to a vote. The typical compound has between 500-1000 residents, not including slaves. They are mostly self sufficient, but do trade hides and some craft items with the few caravans willing to brave their territories.

The Sons maintain good relations with the Followers of Armageddon, though they feel the followers are too evangelical for their own good and a bit too “inclusive” insofar as whom they allow in their ranks.

They often trade and provide mercenary services for the Hopewell Plantation. And the two organizations have further solidified an alliance with the marriage of Vance’s daughter Abigal to Buford Clark’s younger son Michael. The Eye of Samedi has been keeping a close watch on these events, but the Zombi Court has yet to determine a course of action regarding this alliance or if a course of action is even required.

Sons of the Constitution

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