Post-Apocalyptic Blues: Introduction to the Setting

“Yeah, I remember Doomsday. Me and maybe five or six other people still alive. I was ‘bout twelve, maybe thirteen. Don’t recall any announcement. Seemed strange then, though I guess ain’t no reason nobody would have warned us. Washington took the first hit. Heard it on the radio. Didn’t set in and first. Thought maybe it had been a plane, like what happened on 9/11…oh…right…you don’t know about that. Daddy use to talk about it. Said some terrorists flew airplanes into some important buildings in New York City. Killed lots of people. When I heard the radio, I thought it was like that. I was wrong.”

“They actually sent the bombs, and we sent some right back. Then from what I get everybody went crazy and sent bombs at everybody. Like the whole human race went all lemming and decided to commit suicide all at once. What’s a lemming? Never you mind, son. For another time.”

“We all gathered around whatever TVs we could find. Watched in horror as one city after the next took the bombs. Waiting for the bombs to fall on us. They never come. Maybe God figured he had done us wrong enough and protected us. Maybe it was them priestesses down at the Voodoo Queen’s tomb got through to her ghost, and she protected her city. Who knows. But when it was over, we were still standing.”

“Of course, not like we appreciated being spared. They call it Hell Week cause all Hell broke loose. Looting. Pillaging. Raping and murdering. After a bit, the Long Night started and we didn’t see the sun no more. Nuclear Winter. All that ash went clear up to the heavens and blotted it out. Or it was God not wanting to see what his children had done. But again, we got spared the worst of it. Years ago a caravaner from the northeast made his way here. Says up there it got so cold the earth froze over like an ice age. It never got like that here. Never froze like that. Can’t say why. But the darkness. All those years without the sun kill you just the same. Can’t grow nothing. Not much growing on its own. Some folks got desperate and took to eating each other to survive.”

“Me? No, never gave in to that. Bugs. Rats. Dogs. Snakes. Sure. Not people. Had to keep something…something human.”

“Took about ten years, but the sun finally came back. At first it was enough to put everybody in a lovey-dovey state of mind. People took on being civil with each other for a time cause they thought the worst was over. But no, it was just getting started. See, all that radioactive ash, it had been up there in the sky for a bit. And while it was up there it sort of ate through the ozone layer that was suppose to protect us from the sun. Next thing you know, temperatures start going up and up and up worse than it ever got before the war. Waters, well the waters start going up and up too. The levies, they had been worn out long ago with nobody around to tend them. Town would have drowned if the Baron hadn’t shown up. Say what you want about the Baron, and a lot of folks do when they think he can’t hear them, but fact is weren’t for him Nola be under water.”

“But the Baron got his zombies to rebuild the levies and saved the city, and for that the city united under him. Well, all for the Voodoo Queen’s cult. But I don’t pay no mind to their politics. They leave me be and I do in kind. Don’t feel like being zombified for either side.”

“Anyway, the Baron, he restored some order to Nola. Got people having some pride again. Baron had traveled all up and down the coast, and seen wasn’t nothing much left anywhere. And he told people, look, we could have something ain’t nobody else got. We just got to work together. And so he been in charge ever since. He’s done alright by us for the most part.”

“Well, yeah, those zombies creep me out to. Never get use to them. No sir. I do not.”

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Post-Apocalyptic Blues

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