Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Chapter Eight: Payback's a

After the events at the Home Depot, the party returned to their base at the old bus depot. The zombies informed the PCs that they were going to be leaving for a few days because they needed to go back to their old base and pack up. Since they had agreed to stay on and work on the tour bus, they figured they should go get the rest of their supplies and make the bus depot their permanent home base. The PCs told the zombies that they would be gone a couple of days themselves since they had to go back to the settlement to deliver the metal and maintenance supplies to Snake. Because the Jeep could only hold the PCs, the goth girls decided to stay at the depot and keep working on refurbishing the interior of the bus with the fabric and materials they had acquired from the craft store. After making sure they had enough supplies to last them a couple of days, everyone went off on their own way.

Upon returning to the settlement, Snake was very impressed with the size of the haul the PCs had acquired. Cross meanwhile took the two surviving toddlers with him to Mortimer to inform his master about what had transpired. The others went to go check in with Captain Harris to let him know they had successfully completed their tasks and see what else needed to be done.

Mortimer was disappointed in the turn of events regarding the cannibals, because a clan of dumb but sociable cannibals could have been extremely useful down the road. He then used the opportunity to teach Cross his first Major Ritual, Hypnotism, in order to rewrite the toddler’s memories of the event. Mortimer explained that because their minds are still developing, it would be easy to teach Cross the ritual and allow him to practice a little bit to get the hang of it.

In Captain Harris’ office, Harris expressed his gratitude to the PCs for getting the supplies for the settlement. While in his office, they noticed a strange envelop on his desk. It was brightly colored and had what looked like a Mardi Gras mask on it. Dalton pointed at the envelope and noted that it was interesting, but Harris only replied “Yes, it is” and offered no further information. He then told them he had a Council meeting to prepare for and asked the PCs to leave.

Curious about the envelope, Milton and Dalton decided to stake out Harris’ office and wait for him to leave for his meeting. After he left, they picked the lock to his room and entered. They found the envelope and opened it. It was a letter from Baron Samedi acknowledging receive of Harris’ previous correspondence and extending an invitation for the settlement to send an emissary to New Orleans to discuss cooperation against the RNT. They put the envelope back and snuck out of the office.

Meanwhile, Cross had already been summoned to the Council meeting. Apparently Mortimer’s plans were coming to fruition, and the Council had nominated Cross to serve as Ambassador to New Orleans . Because of the influence of various Occult factions in NOLA, the council felt Cross would be best suited to navigate the social terrain. Of course, he would need to select an entourage to travel with him because the trip to Nola would be too dangerous to do alone. Cross agreed to the position and went to go find the rest of the party to tell them the news.

After congratulations were offered they spent a couple of days at the settlement resting up and making whatever arrangements they needed to make before they officially left for NOLA. After that, they headed back to the ruins to see if the zombies were back and check in on the status of the bus.

As they approached the bus, they realized the zombies had not returned yet. Dalton went up to the depot door and opened it, triggering an explosive trap someone had left for the PCs. Due to an unfortunate combination of events, the entire depot burst into flames rather quickly. They tried valiantly to brave the fire to see if the girls survived, but upon entering the burning tour bus they discovered one of the girl’s decapitated bodies and realized they had all been murdered.

Escaping the burning building, they merely watched in horror for a few minutes as their dreams burned up. Milton finally began tracking around the area and discovered a trail going back in the direction of the Home Depot.

Though they attempted to approach the Home Depot in stealth, the killer was waiting for them and began sniping at them from cover. The party spent several rounds essentially dodging bullets by moving between burned out cars in the parking lot. Dalton managed to stealth up to the building without being detected to try and sneak behind the killer.

Once he managed to get within range and have line of sight, Cross grabbed the killer’s attention long enough to employ a Confusion spell that left the killer babbling like an idiot helplessly. This gave Dalton the chance to come up behind him and crack him in the skull with his BFP (Big F’ing Pipe), sending the killer out the window and falling to his death.

They found the girls’ severed heads on pikes inside the Home Depot. After surveying the carnage, they returned back to the bus depot to find the zombies driving up. Sam jumped out of the camper and rushed toward the still smoldering bus depot in horror. After relaying what had transpired, the party invited the zombies to go with them to NOLA.

The zombies agree under the condition that the party makes sure nobody at the settlement shoots at them when they stop there to pick up additional supplies. They all returned to the settlement and the party made introductions between Captain Harris and the zombies. Harris was shocked at first, but softened up when he discovered the zombies were all engineers. Since he had heard rumors that Baron Samedi and many of the Zombi Court were also zombies, it seemed like an act of goodwill to welcome the zombies into the settlement. Snake in particular was happy to meet them. Sam and Joseph decided to stay at the settlement and help upgrade the settlement’s various systems. The other zombies would accompany the PCs to NOLA.



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